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Oklahoma Chin Surgery

Chin surgery can be performed to decrease or increase chin prominence and to improve your overall profile. If you have a receding chin, or a chin that is out of proportion with your other facial features, a more attractive jaw line can be achieved with either an implant or permanent sliding of part of the chin bone. A protruding chin might also be corrected by reducing bone prominence or sometimes by repositioning the jaw line.

Other facial plastic surgery procedures that might enhance the results of chin surgery are rhinoplasty (nose job or nose reshaping), neck lift, or liposuction of the neck.

Length of procedure:
Usually 30-60 minutes

Sedation and local or general anesthesia


Major complications are rare, though all surgical procedures may carry some degree of risk. Specific potential risks can’t be determined for any given individual until a doctor in Oklahoma has been able to meet with the patient to evaluate the situation and prior health conditions.

You can plan for swelling, tenderness, and possible local numbness for a couple months, but this will gradually subside.

Initial discomfort is easily treated with oral medication
Back to work: About 5-7 days
Strenuous activity: 6 weeks or more
Final appearance: should look normal in 2-4 weeks

Duration of results:

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