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Oklahoma Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, can improve the appearance of an aesthetically unappealing nose. By reducing or enlarging the size of the nose, a more attractive nasal shape can be created, and one in better proportion to the patient’s other facial features. In Oklahoma, rhinoplasty can also help correct a broken nose or improve breathing problems.

Length of Procedure:
Anywhere from 1-4 hours

Sedation and local or general anesthesia


Major complications are rare, though all surgical procedures may carry some degree of risk. Specific potential risks can’t be determined for any given individual until a doctor in Oklahoma has been able to meet with the patient to evaluate the situation and prior health conditions.

Initial discomfort is easily treated with oral medication.
Back to work: 7-10 days
Strenuous activity: 2-4 weeks
Final Appearance: Semifinal result is evident in 3 months. Final result is evident in 12-14 months.

Duration of results:

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